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   African Folklore Embroidery







January 13, 2007

Highlighted in articles, such as Fons & Porter’s Love
of Quilting, July 2006 and Winter 2005 American
Quilter Magazine, South African Folklore Embroidery is
quickly growing popularity. Your kit designs are
created by the Ndebele women of South Africa, renowned
for their sophisticated geometric designs used in
objects of adornment to their distinctively painted
houses. Ndebele art is powerful and bold in its use
of color and line.

The Zimbabwe Ndebele people were originally Nguni
peoples from South Africa, part of the Zulu empire.

African Folklore Embroidery needlecraft kits are
creative, fun and colorful and easy to do. No
experience necessary. They are for the beginner as
well as the skilled stitcher. The sky is the limit
with these kits. Your embroidery block can be framed
or made into a pillow, tote or put together with other
designs for a wall hanging or quilt.

The various folklore designs reflect tribal life and
wildlife. The extreme contrast of the brightly
colored threads against the black fabric makes a
striking and beautiful needlework piece Each kit
includes pearl cotton yarns and a needle, so you can
start your project right away. Chain stitch is the
primary stitch used to complete the designs. Add
variegated yarns, colorful beads, embellishments and
other stitches (French knots, satin stitch and stem
stitch) to complete your block. You will have created
a simple, but elegant design that is uniquely yours.

Choose from three kit designs: Bird with Attitude;
Ndebele Ladies, House, Chickens and Goat; Ndebele
Ladies House and Chickens. Kits can be seen at the
November meeting or on our website.

So, do not miss out. Sign-up for the workshop and
purchase your kit today. Orders must be placed by
December 10, 2006 for you to get your kit pick.
Please, note your kit choice on the form.

(The Events Registration Form is found on the Forms Page of this website.)