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President's Message

Ladies, can you believe it? We are going into Spring already. Either cabin fever is al-most over, or you have had a fruitful winter of creative quilting. If the latter is true. Congratulations.

It is almost 2007 Retreat time. Hopefully, you have sent in your reservation and se-lected your classes. Big fun is planned. We need some volunteers to help with the Make It and Take It, registration and a few other duties. Please, contact Wanda Nash if you are willing and/or able. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Please, return your finished charity quilts, so we can send them to Chicago. Our char-ity for the coming year is Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A special thank you goes out to Cassandra Davis for the research she did to find our new charity.

The Michigan State Fair is coming up. We have been invited to display our talents, again, this year. We need members to sign-up for each day of the fair. Check your cal-endars, pencil us in, and get ready. Esther Collins is chairing the event for us this year and I know an excellent job will be done. Thank you, Esther.

Remember, anyone who would like to give a hand in any way, please, let us know. We welcome help.

Marian Coakley


Quilting Circle - Greetings to All of My Quilting Sisters!

I hope that each of you have been doing fabriculously since we last met. Again we have fellow quilting sisters that are having their work featured in two events that started this month. The events include; Western Wayne County Quilters, at the Belleville Historical Museum. Marian Coakley and Esther Collins will have quilts on display for the entire month of March. The Needle Rules! Quilt Show, March 10, 2007-May 12, 2007. It will be held at the Plowshares Art Gallery at 33 East Ad-ams in downtown Detroit. There is free parking behind the Central United Methodist Church. Let's all say thimbles up to these quilters for they are really representing the group well.

Our bimonthly quilt guild meeting was held March 10, 2007. A great workshop was conducted by Wanda Nash, it was entitled Cut n' Butt. The session went very well. Members were very excited about working on their projects. There was a fantastic array of colors and fabrics being used. Wanda was very helpful to the members and provided patterns, ideas and encouragement. I look forward to seeing the finished results of this workshop.

The excitement of the upcoming retreat is still going strong. Retreat instructors were present at the March meeting with even more samples from the classes that they will be teaching. I don't believe that June can get here fast enough for some of us! Linda Ali, chairperson for the silent auction told me that she has started to get some beautiful donations for this event. Don't you be left out in par-ticipating in this great event that will be taking place during our retreat this year.

Well, ladies it looks like we have stitched ourselves right into the spring!!! Let's continue to enjoy the journey.

Until next time, "Keep On Quilting!!!"
DeBorah Davenport


State Fair Quilt Exhibits

Fairs are a fun part of our heritage. Everyone would go to visit, enjoy the entertainment and see the competitions. It was a fun outing, no matter if you got a ribbon or not.

Now, it is your turn to participate in the fair with family and friends. Stop thinking about entering one (or more) of your prized possessions in competition and go for it! Or visit the amazing quilt exhibit alone, with family or quilting friends. Willa A. Ray

Illinois State Fair
Indiana State Fair
Ohio State Fair
Michigan State Fair
State Fair
August 10-19, 2007
August 08-19, 2007
August 01-12, 2007
August 22 - Sept. 03, 2007
August 02-12, 2007
Indianapolis, IN
Springfield, IL
Columbus, OH
Detroit, MI
West Allis, WI
GLAAQN Silent Auction

Going Once! Going Twice! Sold to the Woman in the Quilted Jacket!

While you will not hear the booming voice of the auctioneer resonate through the room, you will hear the excited utterances of the many prospective buyers as they admire the extraordinary display of wall hangings at the silent auction that is scheduled to be held at during the 2007 Retreat. Picture this -- a wall of artwork unparalleled by any museum exhibit. As you draw closer you notice the larger banner that looms above the display. "GLAAQN Silent Auction" is printed in vibrant colors and beneath it are exquisite wall hangings in every color and style imaginable. Standing in front of these pieces a sense of pride washes over you as you admire the talent of the women who created these fine works of art and you remember that these are not strangers. They are your fellow quilters and friends. Your only dilemma is on which one or ones will you write bids, because you are certain that you must support your friends and your organization. I have just described what I hope will be your response to the silent auction.

The GLAAQN's second retreat will be held at the Colombiere Conference Center in Clarkston, Michigan, June 8 - 10, 2007. The silent auction will be held June 9th and it promises to be one of the highlights of the retreat experience. The objective is to promote the art and appreciation of quiltmaking by providing an opportunity for members to display their creations and by providing an opportunity for members to support each other and the organization.

Needed are donations of quilted wall hangings of approximately 18" x 20" with an attached 4" hanging sleeve. A label must be attached on the bottom corner of the back which includes the name of the maker and the date of completion of the item. One of the ways to assure the success of this event is to have a wide a variety of pieces. So get those creative juices flowing. Beginner and advanced quilters are encouraged to enter. You are only limited by your imagination, because the sky is the limit.

Consider a traditional pattern, a small stained glass panel, a cut n' butt quilt, or an African mask. Maybe you have been inspired by a pattern from a book or magazine. Would you like to produce an original design of your own? Why not showcase your skills of embroidery or beading. The wall hanging's design and pattern are entirely your choice. Whatever you create, it will become a part of a unique display of talent.

Bidding will begin after breakfast June 9th. All bids are to be written on the numbered bid sheet that will correspond with a wall hanging. The bidding will continue throughout the day and end after dinner. The person who submits the height bid will win the item. That lucky winner will be announced at the breakfast on June 10th. Would it not be wonderful to leave this year's retreat with a art piece created by one of your fellow quilters?

Thank you for your positive response to my request for donations. There is still time for you to contribute. Your generosity as contributors and/or buyers will make this event a huge success will make this event a huge success. Remember, the deadline is April 15, 2007 to submit your quilts. However, if you require special consideration, have questions, or need entry information/forms please contact me. My contact information is at the end of this article. I look forward to communicating with you. Do not be left out of this exciting event. Linda Ali

Direct all inquiries and complete entries to: Linda Ali, 22182 Sunrise Blvd., Novi, Michigan 48375,

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