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Great Lakes African American Quilter's Network
Mystery Quilt

Mystery Quilt 1

The all of the four mystery quilt steps appear on the website.  Step One of GLAAQN's first mystery quilt appeard in the Bindings newsletter and is also represented on the website. 

Mystery Quilts are quilt projects where you only get instructions a bit at a time.  This creates a litte mystery about quilt.  It is a fun project to that we can do across the miles.  The results will be fun to share.

Please, send photos of your mystery quilts, in-progress or finished to the webmaster, so they can be posted to this website.

This is a quick quilt  or fast mystery quilt.  It'll be only 4 parts, including the border.  You have an option of making either a full size queen, 84 inches x 84 inches, or you can make it smaller scale at 38" x 38" for a wall quilt.

Have a sewing good time!

Click here to start the Mystery Quilt project.


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